Earn Your Soccer Referee Certification Facilitate Any Match

If you have a sharp eye and an interest in earning money while staying fit and officiating the game you love, this position may just be right for you.

A referee is standing in front of the soccer ball.
A man helping a young boy put on his soccer shoes.

Why Become a Referee

Referees are in high demand all across South Texas! The role requires good leadership skills and the ability to be calm under pressure. The pay is great, and you have the opportunity to offer to work when it is most convenient for you.

Becoming a Licensed US Soccer Referee

The U.S. Soccer Learning Center, in collaboration with South Texas Soccer Referees, provides all referee certifications (new and re-certifying). All referee candidates must be 13 years or older.

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Course Requirements for First Time Grassroots Referees

All interested applicants can take the online Grassroots (entry-level) course with an instructor. There are a few things you need to accomplish before attending the course.


The course costs approximately $80-$85 and is valid for a year, sometimes more.

Virtual Course

You need to attend the virtual course provided by South Texas Soccer Referees.

Online Course

You need to accomplish four assignments in the US Soccer Learning Center. The online grassroots reference module must be completed 48 hours before the virtual session.

Background Check

We will be requiring background checks for individuals over the age of 18.


To work as a referee, you will also need an official uniform kit, which costs about $75.

Registration Details

Referee Licensing FAQs

Local Rules and Regulations
(Referee Game Day)

The Rules

All FIFA rules apply except for 7U or 8U division games. These exceptions are:

  • All Offenses Are Punishable by Indirect Free Kick (No Penalty Kicks)
  • No Offside Calls Should Be Made (Avoid Extreme Offside Positions)
  • Opponents Should Keep Distance During Restarts (5 Yards in General, 15 Yards at Goal Kick)

Arrival Time

All referees are expected to be at the field 30 minutes before the game (20 minutes for divisions 7U to 10U). In case of a delay, please inform the referee assignor as soon as possible.

Proper Attire

Official referee gear must be worn at all times with the jersey tucked in. All Under Armour gear must be black without any crew socks, athletic shorts, etc.

Adequate Reporting

There are two ways you can submit a game report. You can either mail in the game card to TYSA (for 11U to 19U divisions) or just report the results to the coaches (for 7U to 10U divisions).

Payment Options

Person-to-person direct deposit is always welcome. Just provide the email address linked to your bank account and phone number to our treasurer, Roland Keller. You may contact him by calling 936-443-6608 or sending an email to [email protected].